Blue and Denim Bumi Bebe Pacifier 2 Pack | Size 3 to 36 months

Bumi Bebe-Colour Pacifier-Twin Pack-Round-Sky Blue and Denim-Size 3 to 36 months

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The Sky Blue & Denim colored Pacifier For Newborn Breastfed Baby (3 - 36 months) are made of 100% natural rubber and come with an old-school, completely round shield and wrapped in a cute paper box. If you are looking for a trendy and eco-friendly pacifier, this is it!

New, from the Hevea team, Bumi Bebe colored pacifiers are made from 100% natural rubber. With their classic round shield shape, cherry-shaped teat, and cute, biodegradable packaging, these are the perfect eco-friendly pacifiers for babies and for the environment.